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Schedule Appointment

The fastest and easiest way to schedule your appointment is to call the Google Voice number (234) 206-0278. and leave a voicemail if there's no answer

Answering hours are between:
11am to 6pm Tuesday through sunday
~Please note that the calls are generally answered by the massage therapist, therefore if I am in session, please leave a message
~Please further note that as I use a google voice number, when a voicemail is left I receive a transcript of it via text, which will allow me to quickly read your questions and requests. Thus it is very important/helpful to leave a voicemail.

You can also email me at:
Silverfoxcrafts@yahoo.com (best for Q&A)

When leaving us a message, please:
Clearly state your name and number
List know several dates and times that you would like
Ask any questions you may have (emails are best for detailed Q&A)
Please note that this is a solitary practice, and therefore, there is only one practitioner, male, available.

If you're calling with a Groupon:
~ Many Apologies, but I am currently unable to redeem groupons due to change of location and stipulations in the contract with groupon in regards to the present location. I am seeking another location here I can honor the groupons and will post as soon as I have found one. I will honor them past expiration accordingly. However, if you do not or are unable to wait, a refund can be worked out if necessary. I may also be able to extend additional offers in place of the groupon, so please don't hesitate to ask for details.

We are closed:
(voice mails left on these days will be checked the following Tuesday when we are back in office)

Appointments are taken starting at:
Tuesday 12pm - 7pm
Wednesday to Friday: 11 am - 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 am - 5pm
Closed Monday

Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of my work, it is very important that Appointments be kept. If a client does not cancel within sufficient time, then another client-in-waiting cannot scheduled for that slot, nor can the practitioner receive their fair pay for their time and travel. Thus in order to be fair to all clients and practitioners, the following Cancellation Policy is instituted.

Failure to provide proper notice (24 hours or more) of inability to keep (cancellation of) a scheduled appointment will result in forfeit of the appointment and any payment invested.(Groupon customers, please note this will result in the forfeit of your voucher without refund.)
However we are not completely without heart. Obviously medical emergency, family emergency, etc., shall be taken into account as per the judgement of the massage therapist. While this does not mean that inadequate cancellation time will automatically be pardoned, we will consider your individual situation as well.
Please also note that while there are obviously circumstances that can't be helped and are likely to be pardoned, repeated cancellations will be regarded with more careful consideration.